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Updated: 11 Oct 2021

Whether its a trip alone, with your friends, family or even your significant other, Nanyuki is just one of those places that never fails to deliver!! With so many incredible places to stay – we’d run out of *ink*! Heres what we love & look out – this list is always being updated so you can pin it for later!

Ngare Ndare – We love camping just about as much as we love eating! With so many activities to do in the lush forest, this forest with 200 year old tress is definitely the place to camp! A photo-op in the morning will give you the best blue-waters photos! The camping spot is a hike a way from the waterfall as well, we drove part of the way and hiked the rest! Its a relatively easy hike as well! If you’re a rad riser and into cliff jumping, we know you’ll love this place! Make sure to star gaze!

Ol Pejeta – We did not get a chance to stay here but after seeing all the endless activities one can do, we highly highly recommend this place! We however got a pretty swanky airbnb close by! Ol Pejeta has so many activities to do and between seeing the rhinos, playing cat and mouse with sniffer dogs and a horse ride with the rhinos – you’ll definitely have your safari dream here! Ol Jogi in Nanyuki offers almost similar activities, we are yet to visit and offer our review but we thought we would share!

This farm house – With its high ceilings, lush farm and privacy we absolutely loved this farm house! The host was super responsive and the bed, oh my what a cloud bed! The cool thing. is that the place is so close to Ol Pejeta and accessible using a small car!

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This budget friendly home – This place is a super budget friendly location to stay while still being close to Nanyuki. The location itself is a shared home, therefore not much privacy! Keri has two lovely German Shepherd dogs and two beautiful cats as well.

photo credits: owner

This decked out cottage – Now this place can comfortably fit uptown 7 people! We absolutely loved our stay here! Definitely visiting multiple times! As well the home is pet friendly and they’ve got bunnies. The home has a lovely compound and a grill for my meat lovers, we highly recommend this place for big groups!


These huts – We had a brief look at the huts located at one stop shop and we know we are definitely booking a stay here! Have you stayed here, what did you think?

Have you stayed in Nanyuki? What was your favourite place? Let us know! Here are spectacular things to do while in Nanyuki

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