Unique Airbnbs in Nairobi

Updated: 11 October 2021

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This list is curated for you when want to branch out and try something new;

A floating glamping experience – This accommodation offers unique floating rooms on a dam, and not only can you swim but you can also have a whole 800 ft biplane experience. You’re also welcome to catch your own tilapia but you need to bring your equipment for this. At roughly 37 USD for two people, this is definitely worth a try. There is also a very lovely bonfire in the evenings and mornings.

A floating tent
photo credits: owner

A romantic treehouse where you will enjoy a lovely morning woken up by the dawn chorus. Not only does this bib overlook a valley but also has a lovely swimming pool and serene privacy. There is a fully equipped kitchen as well as the place is close to many restaurants therefore you can order meals too! Oh and did we mention the outdoor bathtub too! We absolutely recommend taking the walk to the river. Definitely worth a visit. At 150 USD for two, we felt the pricing was just right.

A tree house
photo credits: owner

A cheaper treehouse at only 193 USD for two and for TWO nights! This is the minimum nights you can book for this treehouse with a pool and a very beautiful view. With a lovely pool, balcony and a super cosy bed, we were in absolute bliss. The only downside was the shower pressure however the host promised to fix this.

An outdoor pool

The A-frame! We loved this so much and we could rave on and on about this one! We were welcomed with some lovely fresh flowers.At 230 USD for two as well as for two nights minimum, this place is definitely a hidden and rare gem. There is just so much to tell, including little touches like handmade soap and a swing chair from a fig tree but we will let you enjoy the magic yourself.

An A-frame House
photo credits: owner

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Dikdik creek The view from the balcony and the bird spotting is one of the things we loved about this place. With its close proximity to the city, this place immerses you in an entirely different atmosphere. The wind gushing through the bamboo while you sip on your morning tea is unforgettable and for a price of 93 USD a night for two!!

Inside an airbnb
photo credits: owner

This pool house. Let’s quickly list various sights for sore eyes and muscles – skylights, a a bathtub, a jacuzzi and exotic flowers to revive your breathe! There is also a private chef upon request! The antique furniture (I mean look at that bed) makes this house truly magical. For meat lovers, there is a grill as well!

A Swahili bed in an airbnb
photo credits: owner

The Brandy bus This vintage bus has been revamped into a very cosy bnb! The experience here is very quiet and intimate. Don’t let the name fool you, parties are not allowed and neither is driving the bus home! There is a tennis court with plenty of games to play. We recommend this location to folks who want to experience a glamorous life on wheels.

Brandy Bus Airbnb
photo credits: owner

Do you know any cool airbnbs in Nairobi? Let us know in the comment section.

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