Amazing things to do in Nanyuki

Updated: 11 Oct 2021

With its close proximity to Nairobi, a weekend trip to Nanyuki should definitely be on your list! We’ve made a list of everything fun to keep you busy!


1. Ngare Ndare – This Lush forest is perfect for a swim, cliff jump and camping. The forest boasts 200 year old trees, a spectacular canopy walk and amazing crystal clear waters! We highly recommend an AWD or 4X4 car for this trip. The route google maps took us was seemingly long and windy, therefore keep your eyes peeled for the road sign that shows you where to turn off. The water was very blue and crystal clear. The best time to visit this place is definitely the morning before multiple people have gone in the water and the soil has risen to the top. We spent the night as well and it was absolutely magical! Camping at Ngare Ndare was definitely a highlight – we could hear the elephants at night!

2. Ol Pejeta – Here is one we absolutely are revisiting! We got to see lions, rhinos and lots of elephants! This is definitely one place we saw a ton of animals, and the plus side is the terrain is suited for a small low clearance car. Keep in mind Ol Pejeta can cost a pretty penny but we highly recommend. The equator sign is definitely an photo worthy spot!

We recommend a morning visit as Mt. Kenya is known to make a guest appearance then! Ol Pejeta is also home to the last two remaining Northern White Rhinos, efforts are underway to repopulate them using a Southern White Rhino surrogate. There is so much to do here, you would need maybe two or three days here. Look through their website for the most uptown date info. Also we were among the first people to take a picture on this sign! How cool! Ol Jogi in Nanyuki offers almost similar activities, we are yet to visit and offer our review but we thought we would share!

3. Mt Kenya – We are definitely looking to climb this mighty rock! We recommend our friend Peter Naituli for those looking to climb. He has climbed the mountain barefoot. Check out his CNN feature and if you want to see more, watch this trailer of his film – cold feet.

Mount Kenya
Photo by Leon Pauleikhoff on Unsplash

4. Mt Kenya Wildlife Conservancy – Looking to see leopards, cheetahs and even llamas, definitely visit this place, oh and a peacock! You’re going to get close to ostriches, eland and tortoises! You might even get a colobus monkey on your shoulder. The conservancy is well maintained and super fun for the whole family!

Es placing her hand on a tortoise

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5. Trout Tree – The ambiance and the fresh fish definitely makes this place a must visit, and while you’re there don’t forget to visit the gift shop and get a sticker. Trout tree is a little ways off Nanyuki town but we know you will love this place! The famous platter for two is a must have! This was Es’ first time having trout and she loved it! We sat at the balcony which offered us a view at the trout fish farm.

Trout Tree Restaurant
Photo c/o: Trout Tree

6. Le Rustique – We had our anniversary dinner here as this place definitely has a romantic and cosy feel to it without being overly fancy.

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7. I Love Nanyuki Coffee Shop – Previously called Dormans Coffee Shop. Located right in the middle of the town, we definitely felt immersed in the classic Kenyan feel. The food did take a long while to come but when it did, those burgers and masala fries were definitely a must try. LJ recommends the mocha milkshake! Now why we love this place besides the food, THE MERCH! Have you seen the Nanyuki stickers and wondered where to get them, well rush here and enjoy a coffee while deciding on which iconic merchandise you want.

Merchandise from Nanyuki Coffee shop
Photo c/o: Dormans Coffee

8. The Coffee Shack – The aesthetic of this shack is definitely why I love coming here. The English Breakfast and fries are our top picks here! As well as just sitting inside and admiring all the decor, I mean the decor had a mission and it delivered!

Inside The Coffee Shack in Nanyuki
Photo C/O: The Coffee Shack

Let our readers know what else to experience in our comment section, we look forward to engaging with you!

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