The Best Place to Get Work Done with a Coffee in Nairobi

A review

Eating and reading are the two pleasures that combine admirably

C.S. Lewis

LJ and I have walked past this whimsical beehive-looking coffice quite a number of times. This time we decided to head into The Library and get a pod! I had been here before with LJ’s mum but never with him! I am happy to report that both the reader and the writer absolutely loved this spot! We’ve got so many reasons why!

The Great Gats-Bee

The menu! Oh the menu! – We did not order any food this time! However based on previous visits, the food is extremely great! I highly recommend the tiramisu! The food is decently priced and definitely worth the money. My mouth is watering just typing this! and did we mention the Harry Potter looking menu book? Well…its all in the details right?

The ambiance – The Library met and exceeded our expectations. From subtle music to different seating areas, we were amazed by all the options. This space is definitely great for readers, writers, large groups, couples, families and everything in between. The library is located at arguably the best location in Sarit Centre – the Rooftop Garden. The rooftop is full of trees and lots of open spaces, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in a park.

Hmmm…now to the best part – The Library. To call a place the library, it must have a library right? The sheer thought and selection of books was very impressive!

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Overall, the library definitely makes it to the list of places you are most likely to find us. LJ reading and I, writing! Will you be paying the library a visit? Here’s two bonus reasons why;

The Library has a “rent a pod” program where for only KES 1500 per person, per day you’ll get: free space, Free WiFi, Bottomless house Coffee/Tea and one main meal. If you happen to swing by on a Friday evening, stick around for the Kizomba Sundowner. The entry is free and for alcohol overs, they’ve got B1G1 free happy hour on cocktails as well.

We want to give a huge thank you to our server, Eunice! For allowing us to take so many photos and for giving us so much information about the restaurant! We look forward to seeing you again!

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  1. 10.17.21
    Sarah Lee said:

    I must try this place out now!

    • 10.17.21
      LJ said:

      We sure do hope you have as much fun as we did!!


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