The Ultimate Nairobi Travel Guide

From navigating the crazy traffic to going on a Safari and later kissing a giraffe; there are endless ways to explore Nairobi! Depending on time and resources we have compiled a pretty hefty list for you! Found this interesting? Let us know and we’ll make you another listicle!

1. Wine, Dine and Kiss a Giraffe

Featured in many articles around the world, a trip to the Giraffe Centre should definitely be on your list! We highly recommend a visit during off-peak hours to maximise your time with the giraffes (and warthogs). If you would like to wine and dine with giraffes, head over to one of the most photo worthy locations – The Giraffe Manor!

2. When in doubt, Dance it out

Nairobi has got two places we absolutely love for dancing! PS: THEY’RE BOTH FREE! Both of these events happen on Friday.

Our first favourite is The Library, Sarit Centre. We love the location and the Kizomba moves are out of this world, especially for us – we’ve got two left feet!

Our second favourite location has to be the Village Market! We’ve had lots of laughter and fun with Jos Lyon, the dance instructor. For both these locations , you could definitely pair your dance evening with a round of bowling too!

3. Airbnb hoping

One undiscovered gem that Nairobi has to offer is the amazing selection of Unique Airbnbs! From buses to floating tents, we are sure you will love this! Have a look at our top picks and reasons why we think you’ll love the list we curated for you!

4. Visit the Cinema

We’re both pretty huge cinema lovers, me more than LJ! Hands up if you’ve already watched ‘007: No time to die’. We love taking the time to immerse ourselves in a make-believe world. Pretty soon we will start dressing up in apparel to match the movie. (shhh…LJ does not know yet!). Our favourite cinema is Century Cinemax at Sarit Centre. We also let you in on our favourite cinema seat and why! Have some Gelato at Mambo Gelato right after to make for an amazing after cinema dessert!

5. Sip and Bowl

Nairobi has a variety of bowling alleys, but if we had to rank them, it’d definitely be:

  1. Pins @ Sarit Centre
  2. Village Market
  3. Strikez @ Westgate – only because the alley had just opened when we went and nothing had been broken into yet; hello blisters!

Remember to pack a pair of socks! and play some cool rounds like bowling with your eyes closed or bowling backwards!

6. Bird’s eye view of the city

Our two top picks for this happen to be; KICC and The View at Movenpick. KICC is a cheaper option (carry some form of Identification) whilst The Movenpick sits pretty high up on the price point! However The Movenpick is a revolving restaurant!! Do remember that a smart casual dress code is required.

7. A morning with Elephants and Rhinos

Visit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust between 11am – 12 pm. We recommend booking your visit online as they are currently limiting the visitors to 100 visitors a day.

8. Go-Karting

If you are anything like me (Es) – you would rather not drive in the city – then this is for you! Whether for sport, hobby or career, Nairobi has an amazing selection of places to practice your motor sport. Between GP Karting and Whistling Morans, we just cannot decide!

9. Explore Kenya’s History!

There are various ways to travel back in time within the city. Our top three picks include;

  1. The National Archives located at the heart of the city! We recommend a Sunday for a less busy day. Couple your adventure with a walk around the Central Business District. Pro tip; Only carry valuables if you must! Photos are not allowed while inside the archives.
  2. Visit the Nairobi National Museum – Why we love this? Well, besides seeing pieces from the past, we got to take a lovely walk around the botanical garden. As well, we visited the aquarium and Mamba Village! You’ll even get to touch a snake!
  3. Visit the Nairobi War Cemetery – This is a free to visit location as well! The design of the cemetery itself is pretty neat. We’ve spotted some people studying and others having picnics.

10. Harness the Wind

Well, not really! A trip to Ngong Hills will make for a great weekend. A lovely hike followed by a picnic atop the windy hills are definitely a must do!

11. Take Walks and Camp

Its crazy to imagine that the fish-shaped city would have a forest! Our top three picks are;

  1. Oloolua Nature Trail in Karen -Why we love this? Less people (LJ’s heaven), beautiful bamboos and a camping spot!
  2. Karura Forest – Why we love this? More people (Es’ heaven), lots of picnic spots, activities such as cycling and tennis as well as a restaurant in the forest.
  3. Nairobi Safari Walk – Why we love this? Lots of animals of course.

12. EAT! EAT! EAT!

We absolutely love the eateries in Kenya! So much that we are thinking of making a whole section just for food! With so many different cuisines and styles of food we would exhaust our word count telling you all about it! However, we absolutely must tell you about Klabu. Not a club, but a location full of Kenyan street food! The place is right along Mamlaka road and is an absolute paradise for University students. Rumor has it that even after graduation, some students always find their way to Klabu for their everyday lunch. The most loved item is a Smocha: a type of sausage with kachumbari (similar to pico-de-gallo) all wrapped up in a chapati.

13. Nairobi Night Life

Nairobi has a very rich and vibrant night life, one favourite destination for most folks is Westlands. We have heard people raving about The Alchemist! Pop by the Made in Kenya store should you find yourself there. The store sells some pretty swanky Kenyan made items such as sunglasses, jewellery, cosmetics, bags and more. Do buy an eco friendly bamboo toothbrush as well!

14. Visit the Maasai Market

This is a nomadic market that sells a bunch of Kenyan made items. From beadwork to apparel and even art, this is definitely a place to buy souvenirs. The locations are as follows;

Monday: No market day

Tuesday: Kijabe Street Park (update: suspended)

Wednesday: Capital Centre along Mombasa road

Thursday: The Junction  Shopping Mall car park.

Friday: Village Market rooftop parking.

Saturdays: The High Court Parking Lot in the city centre OUR FAVOURITE (items are cheaper too)

Sundays: Yaya Centre in Hurlingam

Disclaimer: please call the above locations before you visit.

15. Safari in the City

The famous Nairobi National Park! Super convenient to visit. You could also picnic and camp inside but you must call ahead. Once you enter the park you are greeted with the smells and sounds of a safari adventure. We recommend visiting the park in the wee hours of the morning to maximise your chances of seeing the big 4/5. Unfortunately all elephants had to be moved to different parks due to Human/Wildlife conflict.

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16. Rock climbing

Head over to BlueSky located at diamond plaza for a fun indoor climbing experience. Designed for all levels, this place is a climber’s dream! Need an instructor, we happen to know one! Not to brag but he is one of the best: Peter Naituli.

We sure do hope that we have answered the never ending question – what to do in Nairobi?

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