The Girl with the Cat Tattoo

Hi there! I’m Es! Lovely to meet you! Are you pressed for time? Here’s a short version:

I currently live in Nairobi, KE with my partner LJ and 5 cats! (Have you guessed it already – crazy cat lady alert!).

I am currently pursuing further studies in Real Estate and Applied Valuation. I am taking a few classes on creating content and web design. I am absolutely into learning about how to invest and grow – talent, money, hobby – you name it. My current obsession is learning all I can about cryptocurrency. I am a blogger, a serial entrepreneur – I Co-founded two amazing ventures;

Home Hunters – A Registered and Licensed Real Estate Company in Kenya! I founded this company with my mum as a way to match great people with great homes while exploring our love of the built environment! PS: We plant a tree(s) for every deal we close!

Scribbled Safari – A blog that I co-founded with my partner, LJ! We have always loved sharing our experiences with our friends and coming up with new stuff all the time! Our safari through life has been an adventure and we decided to share our stories with you too! This is our beautiful creation that we call Scribbled Safari (Scribbled Journey).

I am very close with my family. I love my cats very much and in a dream world, I would probably adopt all cats! I am passionate about creating spaces that allow animals to live their best lives. My dream is to have a conservancy.

I absolutely love my friends! They are a joy to be around and an incredible support system. I love spending my free time hanging out with them and exploring new places together. I’ve got friends from all over the world and I am always looking to make new ones.

My partner in almost everything is LJ. He runs all the technical bits of our blog. He wears a lot of hats – A pilot, A Web Developer, A Computer Scientist, A Writer….oh, I could go on but that is his story to tell. I am in a constant state of awe as to how he does all that!

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What else? Hmmm…I take everything I put my heart into very seriously! Once I stick to an idea, I pour my heart and soul into it. This means that I have to be extra careful with what I say Yes to. Did I also mention the endless list of interests that I have? Well, take a look at a few of them:

I love traveling – The thrill of discovering new places has never changed. I also absolutely love the journey involved. My favourite mode of travel is definitely by car and occasionally planes. Could explain why LJ and I did a road trip through Canada in the winter! LJ being a pilot certainly cures my need for being up in the skies more often that I would like to admit. I sure do hope to see most of the world before my time is up and maybe get a taste of outer space. When I travel to cities, I immerse myself in the food culture and when I find myself in more remote places – I put on my trusted shoes – tevas or blundstones – and I explore the outdoors. If I can fit a movie day in there then I have truly done it!

I love creating – I am absolutely crafty. Whenever I see furniture and decor in stores, my mind immediately starts designing a home. I am planning on taking lessons on interior design. Last year I got into interior decor, the year before that it was painting (walls) and woodwork. (I got a certificate in painting and built the bed I sleep in!) LJ and I plan on building the interior of our home together! Oh yes and this year, I have taken up creative design and this blog! Check out my freebies section for a bunch of digital content such as planners!

I love cooking/I love food – I am definitely thinking of creating a cook book. I love experimenting with food. My favourite cuisine to eat and cook has to be Ethiopian food. Opening a deli is definitely something I look forward to. Eating, cooking, baking – all sound so good to me.

I love the cinema – Yes I love movies but specifically the cinema! I visit the cinema almost every other week and after visiting the cinema over and over again, I finally found the best cinema seat! I am almost always up-to date with every release.

I love small business – I am absolutely obsessed with everything about a small business. The extra effort, the creation, the experimentation and seeing the little business baby begin to crawl and finally stand and walk. LJ and I are working on various ventures that we will share on here as they come.

I cannot find the enough words to say thank you for taking time to check out our blog! I hope you find as much joy reading it as I do writing it. If you’re ever in Nairobi – I hope you’ll say hi because I would love to meet you in the ‘real’ world as well. ❤️ xo, Es!

PS. You can follow me on  Instagram here or check out my personal portfolio here.

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