Peeking into Hell’s Gate

Getting there

Hell’s gate is easily accessible via both public means and car. We however, opted to use a car to get there. We got in using the Elsa entrance. Google maps has an accurate navigation of hell’s gate. The scenic drive itself took us slightly over 2 hours.

Where to Stay

LJ and I love a quiet stay for our overnight adventures. We found this hidden gem on airbnb that turned out super great! There was a bathtub that was a welcome blessing amidst the icy Gilgil weather.

Fees and more

Hell’s gate adult entry fees are KES 250 for citizens and residents and USD 20 for non-residents. For children citizens and residents the cost is KES 200 while non-resident children cost USD 15. Check the website here for the most up-to-date fees.

Bike rental and car entrance

For a 6 seater car or less, expect to pay KES 300. For bike rentals the cost is about KES 750 per day, this covers both the rental of the bike and bike entrance fee.


  • The best time to visit the park is early morning (it tends to rain starting from about 2pm) As well, if you plan to cycle, it tends to be cooler and there are less cars blowing dust as they pass. You also maximise your chances of seeing the gorges.
  • Carry snacks and water (Kenya has a ban on single use plastics, keep this in mind) Our Nalgenes have served us well for years now!
  • Have some sort of rain gear! Our preferred rain jacket is the MEC rain jacket and this one;

Why visit Hell’s Gate

You may have heard that unlike other parks, Hell’s gate does not have any predators except the one off leopard. Our guide did however inform us that occasionally some other predators will wander into the park but rarely do they make it home. Hell’s gate is great for a variety of activities besides bird watching and game viewing. We had to visit the park twice! You can rock climb up Fischer’s tower and if you chose to but need some help, reach out to our friend Peter Naituli to take you up those nifty rocks! You could explore the park whilst cycling and even spend the night camping!

We got pretty close to Zebras!!

One thing they do not tell you about hell’s gate is the abrupt weather change! It was sunny merry and bright as we were cycling on our way to visit the gorges then it all went south. Our guide advised us to go back the following day as the weather deemed it risky to enter the gorges. Please do not go into the gorges when advised not to or at your own discretion – you can see the signs of rain. The weather changes in minutes and the gorges begin flooding.

Hell’s gate also has a geothermal hot springs spa! It was closed to the public due to Covid, however recent reports show that it has been reopened. We just might drive down to the springs pretty soon!


Cycling into hell’s gate is quite the adventure! Its super easy going to but our return journey was quite the adventure. In between rain, trying to keep our electronics dry and a looming thunderstorm – we had to cycle somewhat uphill! Oh how we wish we had some water and snacks or maybe a self-drive car to pick us up.

Entering the gates of hell

LJ peeking about the gates of hell

We went back the following day to enter the gates of hell and maybe even make it into the devil’s bedroom. Now the easiest way to describe this is – I do not plan to go back down there. My heart was racing and mapping out escape routes. LJ on the other hand was having a thrill!! Our lifeguard training was definitely not going to help us in the event the waters came gushing. It is so easy to mistake the sound of the geothermal area with the sound of rain, so we were extra cautious.

The guide wanted to take us further into the devil’s bedroom but my sense of adventure quickly wallowed away. The devil’s bedroom is a cul-de-sac, meaning once the water starts heading towards you, thats it for you. The waters rise so fast and move at crazy speeds. Now to put your beating heart at rest, as of 2020, they were installing easy to use escape routes in the event of flooding! I might go back after all…or stick to exploring The Wildlife Capital of the World

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