My Morning Routine as a Night Owl

A routine for non-morning people

LJ and I have gotten into plenty of debates about whether I chose to be a night owl or not. Admittedly, I have never created a morning routine for myself either. I am not a morning person, never have been. I struggled with early mornings and early bed times whilst in school. During my school years, I would often find myself studying into the night quite easily. I joked about becoming a night-shift doctor. It is not surprising that I am almost always speaking to you at night. The hours of 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM have always been my most effective hours mentally.

Having lived with LJ, I have come to appreciate the need for a healthier and more productive morning routine. We have put our heads together trying to come up with something that will make me jump out of bed in the morning with sheer excitement. Before the world shutdown, my job in Canada was absolutely exciting, I was always looking forward to the mornings. LJ would later come to joke that I operate on a Canadian clock. I think that it is because my subconscious mind misses my work in Canada. Lately, I have found a new passion in blogging and it has really motivated me every morning.

After a year of trying different morning routines and failing, we found one that worked for me. I do have an evening pre-game that I pair with my morning routine. Details on that later.

My morning routine as a night owl

1. Tidy and clean up the house – Having cats running around all night means that in the morning, a few things will be misplaced. I make my bed immediately I wake up then begin tidying up the house in preparation for the day.

cleaning supplies

2. Light a candle – Having a scent fill up the air in the morning makes my day. I tend to gravitate towards yummy or fresh scents. I truly underestimated how much a candle does for someone, its an instant mood lifter.

a candle

3. Shower and meditate – I have struggled with traditional forms of meditation. Only recently did I come to discover that one can meditate whilst doing other activities. I try to keep my morning routines ‘in-the-moment’ based and a meditation session whilst showering really anchors my mind. Sometimes, I take my moment in the shower to visualise my day.


4. Dressing up – Most of us have spent this season working from home. We have gotten comfortable in our sweats and t-shirts. I was there too. One thing that completely changed my morning and day was dressing up. Putting on a nice pair of leggings and tank tee makes me feel way more creative than starting my day in sweats.

clothes on bed

5. Hydrating and changing my breakfast – over the past few weeks, I have kept my sugar intake to a bare minimum. Added sugar was leading to low energy levels and increased headaches throughout my day. I try to eat breakfast every morning because my stomach opens for business at about 11 am. When I do, I love having a savoury breakfast or oatmeal and fruit. I recently incorporated water into my routine. However, I find plain water a little too meeh, which is why I always add my favourite water product; check it out here.

Do you have something special that makes your morning way better? What morning routine do you have as a night owl? Let me know! I would love to hear what works for you. Talk soon!

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