Travelling Off-Road with The Mobius Car

A review of the First Generation Mobius II

This article has been a long time coming. We were among the first people to buy the Mobius when it first came out in 2015. To be specific, we got Mobius number 16 off the assembly line and today – 6 years later I am finally jotting down my review. The Mobius has exceeded the expectations we had for it. Being the first Kenyan-made car, I was a little skeptical at first but those fears quickly went away.

mobius car in a showroom
Photo c/o: Mobius Motors

First impression

Mobius markets themselves as a company that makes cars suited for the rough African terrain. As if to test this, my mum bought this car and took it to Samburu – Northern Kenya. Within a few months the car had broken down. The front suspension given up. At this point I was ready to write them off as a scam but their reaction to failure stopped me in my tracks.

Mobius vehicles are designed in Africa, for Africa.

Mobius Motors

They proceeded to send a team up North to us to rescue our car. Their team was not ready for the roads in Samburu. By the time they got Baragoi they knew exactly why our car had broken down. The terrain is unforgiving. The team gave my mother a car to use while they got down to fixing our broken down Mobius. Most companies would stop at fixing the one mistake, however, Mobius took it a step further. They went back to the drawing board and worked to ensure the mistake never happens again. Almost seven years later we still have our Mobius, which my mom nicknamed MobyDick, and it has served us very well!

Something to note is that my. mother got a call from Mobius in 2018 – thats three years after driving the car. They were doing a survey of their customers as to what they think of the Mobius vehicle and the service the company gives to everyone who has purchased one.

mobius car on a hill
Second Gen Model II. Photo c/o: Mobius Motors

How it drives

If you are like me, you have probably dreamt of one day driving a rally car. Well, the Mobius first generation gives me the feeling that I am a rally car driver as I drive on the dusty roads in Northern Kenya. It is a fun car to drive off-road. Where it is limited in speed it makes up with its vintage, rugged, simplistic looks, manual transmission and semi-powered steering. I would imagine the Ford Model A was this fun to drive.

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Photo c/o: Mobius Motors


Mobius achieved their goal with their first generation car. They wanted to make an affordable and reliable car for Africa. The first generation Mobius has a 4 cylinder 1598cc engine, 5 speed manual transmission and a seating capacity of 8. All for a price of one million Kenya shillings (10,000 USD). It is hard to find a brand new car fit for all of Kenya’s terrain for such a price.

mobius car on roughy terrain
Photo c/o: Mobius Motors

Advantages and Disadvantages

Being a front wheel drive is both an advantage and disadvantage. It gives the driver amazing handling capabilities. However, when you need to get through deep sand you are at a higher risk of getting stuck.

In the quest of making the car as affordable and reliable as possible, Mobius cut out all the luxury. “It is like being stuck in an exercise machine for hours at a time.” – My mother, 2018. The Mobius first generation unlike its successors had canvas windows, no padding on the interior and functional seats. The newer models are much more fancier! While it is not as luxurious the first generation design saves a lot of money that would be used in maintenance.

The Mobius First Gen II does not come with locking doors and has canvas windows therefore we could not leave any valuables in the car while in Nairobi.

The Mobius is designed to be a great workhorse. It uses coil springs in the front and leaf springs in the back, . However, anybody sitting in the back will not be that comfortable because of the leaf springs.


If I had to summarise this car into one word, it would be foundation. First generation Mobius 2 was the foundation of a great car company. Much in the same way the Ford Model A was for Ford. Mobius has since gone ahead to release a second generation to the Mobius 2 that is a beautiful car with character. The just released Mobius 3 which is definitely on my list of cars I want to drive! Maybe an AWD will be released in the near future.

If you want an affordable brand new car from a great company then Mobius is the way to go. You can have an off-road car for a fraction of the price (there’s no importation tax for the Mobius in Kenya). Still not sure if this car is right for you, you can always book a test drive here.

Till next time, happy driving!

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