Kenyan-made Self-Care Gift Guide

For my first holiday gift guide of the season, it felt appropriate to start the list with Kenyan owned brands. Lately, I have been consciously looking for the #madeinkenya tag in items while shopping. It is so exciting whenever I discover new brands. I wanted to put up a self-care guide featuring made in Kenya items. Whether you are shopping for a friend or simply want a pick me up, I sure do hope you can get a little zen from these items.

kenyan made gifts
  1. Vitamin C Serum – What can’t this vitamin C serum do? This vitamin C serum is a must have skin self-care item. Its lightweight consistently makes up for the ultimate glow boost. Plus this serum is 100% organic.
  2. Spa treatment – A day in the spa is definitely something everyone should try once in a while. We love Serenity Spa. Plus they have got massage oils if you would prefer to do it yourself.
  3. Kombucha detox – Whenever I think self-care, I always think of detoxing my gut. Had I always thought of this? Certainly not. Adding some probiotics has done wonders for both LJ and I. We feel much better after having a bottle. This drink is more of a preventative tonic. I am guilty of drinking a bottle as I write this.
  4. Cheese – I discovered Brown’s cheese when I went out to Village Market. We had a charcuterie board that was absolute heaven. Lately we have been into ‘baked’ (microwaved) camembert. We love having this cheese with their charcoal crackers! (thank you Sissa)
  5. Shoes -Its a shoe, only better. Ikwetta shoes are simple and designed to last. What’s a little self-care without foot care. While the shoe is a bit pricier, the quality of this shoe is most certainly there. This shoe is definitely a show stopper.
  6. A watch – I must admit I am not the greatest fan of watches, however, I have come to appreciate the reason behind them. In my quest to find a good quality minimalist watch, I came across Enkata. Their pieces are definitely more of an investment but they most certainly have really good quality.
  7. Jewellery – You could never really go wrong with an item from Shanga na Kanga. These handmade pieces are one of a kind. Plus, you could get your own custom designed jewellery piece. As I have only had my ears pierced for about 2 years now, its worth a mention that they make clip-on ear pieces as well.
  8. A leather bag – Another investment piece that we stumbled upon whilst on a road trip to Hell’s Gate. I got a bag and LJ got a wallet! Rift Africa has since become our go to for leather products.
  9. Organic candle – Some aromatherapy for your meditation routine. Just breathe! and what better way to meditate than knowing that by using this candle, you are contributing positively to the environment. Their candles are upcycled from glass bottles in Nairobi.

Looking for something even fancier? How about a Kenyan-made car? Thank you for reading. Till next time, enjoy!

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