How to create a Custom Digital Planner Shortcut to your iOS Homescreen

I have been using my digital planner so much! Lately, I have found it extremely tedious to go through the whole process of opening Goodnotes 5, then opening my planner. Would you like a free planner? Check out the link at the bottom of this article. PS: You’ll follow these same steps on how to add a digital planner shortcut on your iPhone.

Step One: Open this app (Shortcuts) on your iPad/iPhone. It is an Apple preinstalled app so you do not need to download anything new. If you cannot find it, check the App Store.

digtal planner shortcut

Step Two: On the app, tap the ‘+’ sign at the top right corner. This will allow you to create a new shortcut

digtal planner shortcut

Step 3: In the space to, type your digital planner’s name EXACTLY as it appears on your note taking app. (eg; Goodnotes)

digtal planner shortcut

Step 4: Click this button and select ‘Add to Homescreen’

Step 5: In the space box, write a new name for your digital planner

digtal planner shortcut

Step 6: Click this icon to select an image for your icon

digtal planner shortcut

Ta-Da! Click ‘Allow’ on the prompt that appears and thats it! You’ve got your own digital planner shortcut.

Want a free digital planner?

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