A Walk in Oloolua Forest

The Oloolua Nature Trail

LJ and I had no idea about this 618 hectares of Indigenous Forest called Oloolua tucked in the city. We only ever knew and visited Karura Forest. Due to the movement restrictions and having eateries closed all through Nairobi, we decided to go looking for other things to do in Nairobi. We discovered Oloolua Forest.

Getting There

Oloolua is accessible by cab, matatu or car. Google maps has not exactly been accurate the few times we drove there. The first time we found ourselves in an open space with a bunch of horses while the second time we came up to the entrance of a police training unit. Sheesh! Talk about adventure. Anyway to be on the safe side, you could ask maps for directions to ‘Karen Blixen Museum’ then drive straight to the end of the road from there. Alternatively, here is the exact address.

By Matatu: From the CBD take a matatu for route 24 and alight at the Karen-Bogon road junction – close to Karen Blixen, then walk down the Karen Road to the end.


CitizensKES 200KES 100
ResidentsKES 400KES 200
Non-residentsKES 600KES 300

The park is open everyday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This only applies to daytime visitors. Camping at Oloolua insures extra charges as follows;

CitizensKES 2000KES 1000
ResidentsKES 2500KES 1500
Non-residentsKES 3000KES 1500
Group of 10 CitizensKES 5000
Group of 10 ResidentsKES 6000
Group of 10 Non-residentsKES 8000
Team Building
1-10 PeopleKES 10,000
20-50 PeopleKES 20,000
50-100 PeopleKES 30,000
Other Activities
Bike rentalsKES 200 per hour
Corporate FunctionKES 80,000
Commercial FunctionKES 50,000
Chama MeetingKES 15,000
Church ServiceKES 50,000
Wedding ReceptionKES 40,000
Garden Wedding KES 50,000
Birthday PartyKES 10,000

For more information visit their website here.

map of oloolua


  1. A 37 meter long deep cave – This cave is bound to unravel the  claustrophobia in anybody. LJ and I tried to go in as far as we could before the fear creeped in. This cave was used by the Maumau but is now home to a bunch of bats.
  2. An incredible waterfall – We were stunned by the waterfall as we had only ever been to the Karura one before while in Nairobi. The waterfall is 20ft of magical whoosh!
  3. A papyrus swamp that is bound to make you travel to ancient Egypt – This swamp gives us ancient mythology energy. Did you know that Egyptians used to write hieroglyphs  on papyrus? Plus maintaining the swamp requires special effort too.
  4. A Bamboo rest point – We highly recommend having your picnic here. We took a walk inside the runner of bamboo and came across an opening that was very serene and absolutely breathtaking. The river was flowing by our feet and we could hear the birds chirping as well as the waterfall.
  5. A campsite – We are yet to camp at Oloolua but from what we could see, the site is very pretty.


  • Have cash on Mpesa for payment.
  • Carry water and other picnic items in reusable containers.
  • Weekdays are less busy, however, we have found Oloolua to overall be less crowded compared to Karura.
  • Watch out for the monkeys, they might appear friendly but…they tried to snatch Es’ phone.

In Pictures

Have you been camping in Oloolua? Leave us a note telling us about your experience. Till next time.

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