The Best Cheese Places in Kenya

Made In Kenya Cheese

Before we speak about Kenyan Cheese, here is a little history. As a child, if you offered me cheese, I would always turn it down. My mum would buy me pizza and I would scrape off every topping and eat the crust. It is said that the when one gets old, they revert to their younger likes and dislikes. Therefore, while I am still young, I plan to enjoy eating cheese.

This date idea was recommended to us by our good friend, Sissa. You will probably hear more about her every time we mention cheese. Why? because she is the lady behind every cheese I obsess over. Our date took us to two locations; Lekker and Brown’s.

Lekker Cheese – Oh so Dutch!

Their physical store is located along Magadi Road, Karen. They are right next to Brood Bakery. We were pleasantly surprised by the section of Gouda Cheese. They’re menu includes pure gouda ranging from young to extra mature as well as herbed gouda. LJ preference here was the young gouda while mine was the extra mature gouda (How are we so different?)

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They had a selection of various drinks however we did not get to try those. One thing that really wowed us was the Stroopwafels. We never knew we could find those in Kenya, we would always have to buy them at Schipol Airport during layovers. When compared, we preferred Lekker’s stroopwafels. We wanted to try the cheese box, however, we had to order that in advance, maybe next time.

For more information, check out their website here.

Brown’s Food Co.

As LJ and I were still on the hunt for some cheese, we decided to head out to Brown’s at Sarit Centre. We have been here a few times and already have our order down. We love getting the Cheese platter for one. Do not be fooled, this platter has more than enough for two. We almost always pack some to go. When we got there, they were closed, however, on special request, they let us in! We ordered the platter that allows you to select four cheeses as well as the Rhubarb Kombucha. A few other items here that are worth a mention include; the charcoal crackers and onion jam. Yes! Onion jam.

Have you tried any Kenyan Cheese? What’s your favourite cheese? And how do you like to have it? To brie or not to brie? That is the question.

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